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Comprehensive Solutions for Your Industrial Needs

Lee Machinery Movers offers a full range of industrial services tailored to meet your specific requirements. From heavy rigging and turnkey solutions to crane services, we provide comprehensive, efficient, and safe solutions for your industrial projects.

Heavy Rigging

Lee’s rigging team utilizes an extensive inventory of well-maintained rigging hardware to transport, store, and install heavy machinery. We ensure top-notch customer service and project management from start to finish, available wherever and whenever you need us.

Turnkey Solutions

Lee’s comprehensive turnkey solutions minimize supplier touchpoints and reduce risks. Each project receives a tailored approach to provide a more effective, simplified, and efficient solution, ensuring seamless execution and completion.

Crane Services

If it needs lifting, we can do it. Our specialty cranes can lift up to 550 tons, and our NCCO certified operators have the expertise to complete even the most complex projects with precision and safety.

Where We Work: Nationwide Service

Lee Machinery Movers has the capability to mobilize anywhere across the United States. We are set up to work in multiple states, providing prompt and reliable machinery moving services to meet your needs.



  1. How do you feel about the work that has been completed by LMM? Great work from the quality of work, timelines and managing changing priorities.
  2. Would you recommend Lee Machinery Movers to your managers as a good contractor? Absolutely.
  3. What did LMM do that exceeded your expectations? I think your work on the epoxy floors was very good. Particularly since we changed direction multiple times.
  4. What could LMM do better? Not sure. I appreciated your support.


First off, thank you.  You’ve been nothing but helpful over the last several months, and it has truly been a privilege working with you.  Your flexibility and willingness to adapt to the challenging environment at Tesla is a testament to your own character and drive, as well as a great reflection on Lee as a company.   I’m very grateful for you and your team as you have removed a massive amount of stress and challenges from my daily life here at the plant. On to your team.  Spider (Randy), Mickey, and Jacob.  They have been nothing short of exceptional, especially in the face of many challenges both from our side and the vendors.  They have always been outstanding professionals, willing to help, adapt, work with conditions, and above all, communicative.  I can’t say enough for how much simpler this made the scopes of work involved.  If the guys are willing to come back in November or potentially sooner for additional scopes of work, I personally would love to work with them again.  They’re a fantastic example of real craftsmen and I enjoyed working with them and even lending a hand from time to time.  Took me back to the good old days of my time in Fremont managing a millwright team.  I’m excited to see Mickey take over his own crew one day, and Jacob in time as well.  It’s a great day when the verse, “The worker is worthy of his wages”, can be easily seen in real life and rings true.

BorgWarner, Inc.

I wanted to follow up and say what a great job your riggers Otto, Dan, and Lin did for us last Friday. They were on our site 14+ hours and got all the equipment set in place and leveled, no easy task given the tight quarters and clearances. They were courteous and professional and the job went off without incident, no injuries, no damage to the facility, and no damage to the equipment, and they even cleaned up the crating debris. I’m very impressed, even more so given that Lee was able to step in and do the job with less than a day’s notice. Thanks again for a job well done”

ITW Drawform

“Just wanted to say thanks for your quick response in getting the press moved so quickly into ITW Powertrain Metals – Zeeland (Drawform). It was great to work with your company again. Our need was to get the press moved from Lansing to Zeeland as quick as possible. You and your company responded very quickly and made that happen! Brian and his team did a great job getting the press moved and getting it into the shop. They were quick and very professional and a great team to work with.”

Compass Systems & Sales, LLC

“All, I wanted to take a minute an thank all parties involved for making this a successful project. The number one driver in making this a successful project was our safety track record (no issues, first aids or near misses). The entire TEAM worked as one cohesive unit and communication was top notch. White to Pink Protag was completed today (4-days ahead of schedule). Once again I would like to thank Lee’s – Mike Randall / ECA’s – Mike Irwin and there entire team for making this a safe and on time project.”

Quality Aluminum Products


Omron Electronics

“I wanted to send a personal message thanking you and the guys for their professionalism, speed, efficiency, and for the exhibition of their amazing talents.  I have worked with movers before, both professionally and personally, but your crew was absolutely amazing in every way!  They finished more quickly than we expected and there was no damage to any of our items that were being moved.  They explained everything that would happen, took instruction as to where the equipment needed to be placed, and really went the extra mile!  There is nothing other than absolutely exceptional that I can say about the team that you sent to help us move!  You truly have valuable assets in the gentlemen (Jeff and Robert I believe) that you sent to help us! Additionally I would like to thank you and Tony for everything you did to make the scheduling process seamless as possible!  We are amazed and happy to have worked with you and your team!  Thank you to you all!

FCA Warren Stamping Plant

“Attached is today’s Line 23 KONE Crane installation update. 2nd girder truck, waiting to be unloaded at 7:00AM as scheduled. Truck was backed into bay and was unloaded. Truck was released about 8:30AM. 2nd girder installed by 9:30. Trolley hoist on top of crane rails by 1:00PM. Installed crane saddles on each end of crane – complete by 3:00PM. Released brakes on trolley moved to east side of bay in order to clear the press line when moving south. Installed hot rail protector and cleaned up area – end of shift 5:30PM. Note: waste container full in yard – placed next to shipping container. Plan for tomorrow 7:00AM to 3:30PM – install anti collision reflector on crane and install reflector on south wall. Install slow down ramp – move crane to south end of bay and install crane stops for P&H crane to keep clear of new KONE Crane. Move all LEE tools and lift equipment to south end of bay. Conti – will start on Crane electrical work – KONE technical support will be present to work with contractors. Issue – 2nd girder truck hit several trees on both sides of the load – Damage to ground shoe bracket – Bent – Straightened by LEE – other side of load east end pendant track bent down – bracket support bent – will need repair and possible new pendant rail section. This was a very professional installation by LEE – Good job guys.”

L&L Products

“Bob, I wanted to pass along to yourself and Earl that it was a pleasure working with your crew this week. Very conscientious, courteous and professional, as always. Jeff Sandy takes great pride in running a tight ship with Spider and Gary, and the work area, procedures and progress is definitely commendable. Please pass this along to them also.

Maxion Wheels

“I want to personally thank you and your team on what a GREAT job you did for Maxion Wheels. It was so professional and the complete team was very outgoing and fun to work with. Rolling the wheel was crazy for me to watch but you guys did it!!!! History still now in place and safe at one our plants. I have attached a few pictures for you to keep because I don’t think you will be moving another shipment like this for a while.

K&K Stamping Company

“Thank you, Please let top management know what a great job Anthony, Spider and their crew did. Well done and very professional. Steve Saunders”