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Our Story

We don’t just do the job, we do it right, with pride, every time. That’s our promise, whether it’s a one time move and rig of a machine or a complete tear-down and reassembly of a major piece of infrastructure, LMM moves you ahead.

LMM has been built person by person. Our success has been earned through accomplishment and trusted relationships. We understand that there are no second chances, no room for error or oversight. Every detail, from the uniforms our talented team wears with pride, to the state-of-the-art, pristine equipment we operate, it’s all part of our commitment to professionalism.

We work tirelessly to be better. Every day we look for opportunities to improve how we operate, replacing equipment before it becomes a risk, never skipping or delaying maintenance, and are always working with our customers to find the best solution for them, not us. It’s in our DNA to do what’s right. We’re here for the long run; to be the most reliable, trusted resource for moving your business ahead.

Our Core Values

At LMM, our core values serve as the guiding principles that define who we are and how we operate.

Continuous Evolution

This value reflects the company’s commitment to embracing change as an ongoing process to drive innovation, adaptability, and expansion of the company. 

Cultivate Workplace Ethics

This is defined as a moral code that guides the behavior of employees with respect to what is right and wrong regarding conduct and decision making.

Unwavering Integrity

Employees take their commitments seriously, they are proactive when they don’t understand their responsibilities and ultimately, are accountable for their results.

Commitment To Quality

We create a culture of quality and customer satisfaction. This is where individuals understand their responsibilities and authorities within the organization and act on those in an appropriate manner through the processes that are laid out in the management system.

Empowered Unity & Teamwork

This core value emphasizes the importance of providing a platform for every individual within the company to express themselves, contribute their unique perspectives, and feel empowered to make a difference.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Community Outreach

Our values span further than our customers. LMM is committed to building up, and supporting the communities we live and work in. By investing in community programs putting on events such as food drives and Christmas gift donations, to volunteering our time in local schools and donating computers to students, we do what it takes to build stronger communities and futures.

A Culture That Moves You

Recognizing our employees hard-work and celebrating their accomplishments is extremely important to the culture we are continuously working to build at LMM. Whether it is our monthly pizza parties celebrating the birthday’s of our employees, summer BBQ’s, holiday parties, or luncheons for National Admin Day, LMM looks for ways to appreciate our employees for their valuable contributions.